Site Development
Construction + Tech

Make progress, not excuses. That differentiates us from other firms providing wireless telecommunications services. We’re highly skilled, adept, forward-looking and efficient. We thrive on delivering our integrated skill set with sheer willpower and determination. Excuses don’t work here. Getting your project done to your specs and timeline—client success— is what we live and breathe for. We prove it every single day.

Site Development

Program Management

In any high-stakes wireless site development project, managing every moving part efficiently and successfully is no easy task. But in the wireless arena, our project managers have a unique advantage: the industry’s best people, the industry’s most fearless teams. Teams obsessed with winning for our clients.

Count on our program management expertise for new site builds, overlays/modifications, backhaul, infrastructure development, small cells, DAS, site hardening and more.

Program/Project Managers at NB+C bring a combination of long tenure with our firm and a wealth of diverse project experience. Strong local and regional support from our field resources add to their ability to provide the best solutions to our clients' needs.

Site Acquisition

We don't "coordinate" acquisition with subcontractors. We field a seasoned team that fights for our clients' best interests, and unlike our competitors, we actually negotiate.

We get it: leases are a major client operating expense. Our experts appreciate the stakes and know the territory. Experienced "closers" on staff handle complex leases so the whole process goes as planned. We are the most determined, professional and successful team in the telecommunications industry.

Land Use Services

In a nation of diverse jurisdictions and regulations, zoning and permitting are challenging and complex. Our entitlement experts work in parallel with our Site Acquisition team resulting in unprecedented speed to market for our clients. With planners and JDs on permanent staff, we minimize attorney's fees. Our team is also adept in community outreach, A/E management, and municipal expediting of approvals and permits.

Construction Management

Quality build, safe build. That's how we've managed site construction since 1984. NB+C knows the best contractors to use, and more importantly, knows the contractors not to use. Our team is our clients' eyes and ears in the field and our Construction Managers take pride in driving towards one of the most important milestones in our industry: on-air.


Engineering Services

A flawless install starts with flawless design and engineering. No detail is ever too small to us. Not surprising, but we've found that being extremely thorough makes a project go faster and surer. Our engineering staff provides a full suite of services including civil construction design, surveying, structural analyses and more. Our experienced engineers are professionally licensed in all 50 states in the U.S. All engineering services in North Carolina are provided by Burtner Engineering Services, PLLC.

Give us your absolute toughest project.

Our Engineering Services Include

Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Fiber Engineering and Permitting

  • Environmental and Geotechnical Services
  • Visual Analyses and Mapping Services

Construction + Tech

Construction and Technical Solutions
When it comes to diligence and execution, we're tough to beat in the construction arena. Unlike many construction firms with limited solutions to offer, NB+C is a technical resource as well. Our approach, based on real experience and proven results, is not only effective—it's easier on you. Safety isn't a concept we take lightly. It's ingrained into our culture. Training certifications, crews with the best safety gear and equipment and a "never-rush" level-headedness should drive home one point. When you want it built right the first time, you need NB+C. A sample of NB+C Construction Services
  • Antenna and Line Installation
  • Macro and Small Cell Site Construction
  • Antenna, Coax and Fiber Performance Testing
  • Tower Mapping and Structural Modifications
A sample of NB+C Technical Services
  • Base Station Upgrades
  • System Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • Installation, Integration and Commissioning
  • Network Performance and Troubleshooting
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