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The upgrade of existing wireless site locations is a very important process in the continuing evolution of these networks. As each site is upgraded – either through an antenna modification, an addition of a new generator or the replacement of an outdated backhaul system –  the demands on the underlying infrastructure (tower, rooftop, water tank, utility pole or some other vertical asset) continue to increase.

NB+C is extremely well versed in the key factors for delivering a successful modification project to our clients.

As most modification efforts include a large number of site locations, it is critical to the project’s success that this high volume of work is funneled through the development process both quickly and efficiently. This means that leasing and land-use professionals with specialized experience in site upgrade work need to be deployed under dedicated project management personnel. It further means that civil and structural engineering teams familiar with the new technology being deployed and its impact on existing antenna mounts, and with a particular focus on production efficiency, need to be ready to work very closely with real estate professionals. Finally, highly mobile and energized construction and integration crews must be ready to tackle aggressive build schedules.

Only by utilizing an overlapping and integrated development system composed of multiple service lines will a modification project, large or small, be completed on time.

This is what NB+C offers, and this is what NB+C does.

Our clients simply cannot wait for new technologies to be deployed. NB+C makes sure they don’t have to.

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