New Site Builds

June 28, 2018 8:07 pm Published by

Given the maturation of wireless networks over the years, the deployments of new macro antenna installations have become some of the most challenging projects in the industry.

The complexity of new antenna attachments to existing structures as well as the development new tower assets derives from higher property values, increasingly restrictive zoning ordinances, the structural demands on existing infrastructure and the narrowing of specific locations of radio-frequency need for the wireless services providers.

NB+C attacks this complexity with project teams that specialize in these challenges.

Our Site Acquisition Specialists are some of our savviest negotiators with an eye on obtaining favorable lease terms saving our clients significant OPEX over the life of the lease, and our land use professionals thrive in complex zoning environments which require both high-level community outreach and public hearing presentations.

In addition, NB+C’s new site build civil and structural engineers offer expertise in complex site design to include storm water management, erosion and sediment control and landscaping, as well as tower mapping, structural analyses, and frame design.

Finally, our antenna and line construction crews are some of the best and safest in the industry at antenna attachment and new tower stacking and modification.

As wireless new antenna builds become more rare, so to do the experienced professionals who can deliver on their deployments.

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This post was written by Keesha Fausto