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Satellite-based communication systems are truly cutting-edge technology and a new and growing part of the telecommunications infrastructure space.

As such, the development of terrestrial base stations to support orbital satellites requires an entirely new approach to siting. This approach—dependent on ground space needs, azimuth and look angle identification, and power and fiber availability—necessitates real estate professionals who have been retrained in the specifics of these search criteria.

Project success also depends on engineering and construction teams with experience in foundation design and the use of ground-penetrating radar (GPR) as well as heavy civil construction and the installation of satellite antenna equipment.

Perhaps most important is a keen understanding of the way that an entire system of terrestrial base stations, all linked by fiber-optic cable, works in harmony with satellites circling the globe.

Each link is important, and the system is the future.

For NB+C, however, the future is now.

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