NB+C Donation Drive in Support of the Marshall Foundation

NB+C is delighted to announce its recent philanthropy initiative in collaboration with the Marshall Foundation. As part of NB+C’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, the company organized a donation drive earlier this year to support the Marshall Foundation’s mission in empowering youth in Liberia.

Founded in 2018 by NB+C’s Utility Permit Manager, Marcus Marshall, and his brother Joel, the Marshall Foundation aims to give back to the community in Liberia, where the brothers grew up. Inspired by the transformative power of sports in their own lives, Marcus and Joel are determined to equip the next generation with athletic opportunities, life skills, and expanded access to educational and personal growth opportunities.

In alignment with this shared vision, NB+C employees eagerly participated in the donation drive, collecting sports equipment and shoes from their own homes and communities. The drive saw a remarkable outcome, with over 200+ pounds of donations collected across the NB+C offices. These items were then shipped directly to Liberia, ensuring that the youth benefit from the generous contributions.

“Our employees have always demonstrated an incredible sense of compassion and generosity,” said Tom Kane, CEO at NB+C. “Through this internal charity drive, we wanted to provide our employees with an opportunity to directly contribute to the Marshall Foundation’s mission and make a meaningful impact in the lives of young people in Liberia.”

Marcus Marshall expressed his gratitude for the remarkable response from NB+C, stating, “The generosity and willingness to make a difference exhibited by NB+C employees have been truly inspiring. I am proud to be part of a team that shares a common goal of supporting youth empowerment and fostering positive change.”

By partnering with the Marshall Foundation, NB+C reaffirms its commitment to making a positive difference in communities worldwide and promoting social responsibility within its own ranks.

For more information about the Marshall Foundation and their ongoing initiatives, please visit themarshallfoundation.org.