NB+C Champions Diversity and Inclusion with New ERGs

NB+C is proud to announce the establishment of two Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) aimed at fostering diversity, inclusion, and professional growth within the organization.

The People of Change – United in Color (POC-UIC) ERG is designed to create a supportive community for employees of color, providing a platform to address unique challenges, promote awareness, and contribute to NB+C’s commitment to a more inclusive workplace.

Simultaneously, NB+C introduces the Women’s Employee Resource Group, known as WISE (Women Inspiring Success and Empowerment). This ERG focuses on empowering women within the company, providing a forum for networking, mentorship, and the exchange of ideas to support women’s professional development.

These ERGs align with NB+C’s vision for a workplace that values and leverages diversity to drive innovation and success. Both groups will contribute to creating an environment where every employee feels valued, supported, and has the opportunity to thrive.

Tom Kane, CEO of NB+C, commented, “The establishment of these ERGs reflects our commitment to building an inclusive workplace. We believe that diverse voices and perspectives drive innovation and excellence. These groups will play a pivotal role in shaping our company’s future.”

NB+C encourages all employees to engage with and support the POC-UIC and WISE ERGs as part of its ongoing commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.