NB+C Completes 6-Week Cigna Global Fitness Challenge

NB+C proudly announces the successful completion of its participation in the 6-Week Cigna Global Fitness Challenge. Over 200 employees from NB+C participated in the Spring into Action Fitness Challenge, logging a total of 359,727 minutes and 8,491 activities.

The Cigna Global Fitness Challenge is an annual event aimed at encouraging companies to promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles among their employees. This year, NB+C had teams composed of both remote and in-market employees participating in the challenge.

“We are thrilled with the commitment and enthusiasm shown by all of our employees who participated in the Cigna Global Fitness Challenge,” said Tom Kane, CEO of NB+C. “It’s inspiring to see everyone come together to promote health and wellness, and we’re proud of the success achieved by our teams.”

During the six-week challenge, NB+C employees used wearable fitness devices, such as Fitbits, to record their daily physical activity. The winning team was Team Raleigh, who logged an impressive 61,653 minutes of physical activity.

“The Cigna Global Fitness Challenge was a fantastic opportunity for us to come together as a team and focus on our health and wellness,” said Britney Gioia, a member of the NB+C Raleigh team. “It was great to see everyone support and motivate each other throughout the challenge.”

NB+C remains committed to promoting health and wellness among its employees and will continue to support initiatives that encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyles.