NB+C Engaged on Development for 1,000 Small Cells

Baltimore, MD (March, 2015) — Small cells have ignited a spark in the wireless industry. These low-powered antennas are adding capacity to high-density areas and helping offload stressed macro sites.

Network Building + Consulting, LLC (NB+C)  is staying ahead of the curve and is currently engaged in the development of over 1,000 small cells on behalf of our clients in eight major metropolitan markets on the east coast.

 Our Land Use teams are educating local jurisdictions on the new technology, which is helping to streamline the permitting process. Because of our vast experience with small cells, NB+C is working to create policy within local municipalities as well as successfully obtaining approval on zoning exemption packages in targeted municipalities.

 Our Real Estate teams have developed best practices for negotiating favorable rent terms with prospective landlords by educating landlords about the added benefits of enhancing the wireless capacity on their property.

 Our Construction Management teams are working diligently to keep abreast of the dynamic backhaul requirements for small cells and are working with our clients to find creative backhaul solutions.

 Learn more about NB+C’s thought leadership around this cutting edge technology in “Small Cells: A Small Solution to a Big Problem”