NB+C Engineering Service Lines

Founded in 1984, NB+C is celebrating its 36th anniversary this year. As such, we would like to highlight the success of our youngest division’s service lines – Structural, Fiber, and Wireless Engineering Services. The Engineering Services Division was first launched in 2012, with individual service lines debuting in 2014, 2016 and 2018, respectively.

Structural Engineering Service Team
Established in early 2014 by NB+C’s Krup Kolandaivelu, NB+C’s Structural service line started with only 3 employees. With a focus on broader direct engineering opportunities, the service line has since grown to 44 dedicated employees, providing services to both NB+C’s established turn-key wireless clients as well as specialized engineering clients with a national footprint. From its inception 6 years ago, the Structural team has continued to advance and diversify their skill sets to include mastering multiple analysis software suites and adding tower mapping, all while increasing their revenue by 860%. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Structural team performs some of the most complicated and high-level engineering work at NB+C.

Fiber Engineering Service Team
In 2016, NB+C’s John Rupp spearheaded the founding of the Fiber service line in our Elkridge office with 22 employees. Just 4 years later, the Fiber team has grown to 55 dedicated employees servicing all existing markets on the east coast and beyond, reaching as far as Arizona. The scope of our fiber work continues to broaden – from engineering design of new loops, relocations, manhole placement, and new service laterals – to pole audits, rod and roping (underground work), and most recently, construction inspections. Today, the service line has a client portfolio almost 5x larger than in 2016 with nearly double the expected revenue.

Wireless Engineering Service Team
Officially introduced in 2018, the Wireless service line within Engineering Services is comprised primarily of our civil engineering team supporting our wireless clients, both turn-key and direct. This service line, whose work was the initial foundation of the division in 2012, was separated out from Fiber and Structural services due to the respective expansion of each and the need to focus on the leadership training and business development of the individual disciplines. With 65 employees focused on civil engineering, stormwater management, erosion and sediment control, and access road design, the Wireless Engineering Service team continues to grow, under the direction of NB+C’s Trent Snarr, while executing on client projects from New York all the way down to Florida.

Over the past 8 years, the Engineering Services Division has flourished to the point where these more specialized service lines could be individually developed to better meet market needs and realize each service offering’s potential for growth. With the rising demand for constant connectivity and the aging of communication infrastructure, the market demand for engineering services is forecasted only to increase. To meet that demand, the Engineering Services Division will continue to work closely with NB+C’s Site Development and Technical Services divisions to enhance efficiencies, collaboration, and most importantly, great teamwork!