NB+C Executive Team Promotions

NB+C is pleased to announce several additional executive team promotions to kick off the New Year, effective January 1, 2021.

Mikel Budde was named the Managing Director of IT services in 2020, and now will continue to lead our information and technology services team supporting all projects as the new Vice President of Information Technology.

Alex Daly, who has successfully led the Technical Services team as Managing Director since 2015, has been promoted to Vice President of Technical Services.

Casey Bohn in the South, Danielle Garrity in the Mid-Atlantic, and Amy Mahoney in the North have all been promoted to VPs of their respective regions and will manage all projects in their territory.

Krup Kolandaivelu has been named Engineering Director and will oversee all engineering and designing functions within NB+C’s projects.

“Mikel, Alex, Casey, Danielle, Amy and Krup all have a tremendous track record of success and are invaluable assets to NB+C in their regions and on our executive team,” commented Conlon McCarthy, President. “With their leadership, we are poised for continued growth in 2021 and beyond.”


About Mikel Budde- VP, Information Technology

Mike Budde was previously named Managing Director, IT Services June 1, 2020. Now, as VP, Information Technology, Mike will continue to bring a unique blend of field operating expertise, strong systems acumen, and steep knowledge of our back-office processes and business systems.

From 2013–2017, Mike was the managing director of NB+C’s mid-Atlantic region. Under his leadership, the region’s footprint grew to include deployment services in western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. He increased his team’s size by 175%, with a focus on hiring candidates who were new to the wireless industry. Since joining NB+C in 2000, Mike has held positions as Site Acquisition Specialist, Zoning Manager, Project Manager and Program Manager. His field experiences include multiple market launches; a test bed deployment; and assistance in developing many local zoning codes, policies, and processes.

About Alex Daly- VP, Technical Services

Alex Daly served as the Managing Director of NB+C’s Technical Services division since 2015. As VP, Technical Services, he will continue to oversee all aspects of operations, business development and employee performance for NB+C’s technical and construction projects throughout the east coast.

Alex joined NB+C in 2008 as a Construction Manager and has held roles of increasing responsibility within the organization throughout his tenure. He was the first individual to be named to the Associate Director Program by NB+C’s Executive Team.

Amy Mahoney- VP, North

Amy previously served as Managing Director at NB+C, and as VP, North is responsible for site acquisition, business development and overseeing NB+C’s services in the Northeast.

Since joining NB+C in 2000 as a Site Acquisition Specialist, Amy has garnered extensive experience with a focus on operational management and strategy for the development of telecommunications infrastructure, which spans across verticals such as small cell and distributed antenna systems (DAS).

Danielle Garrity – VP, Mid-Atlantic

Danielle Garrity previously served as Managing Director of the Mid-Atlantic region for NB+C’s Site Development division. As VP, Mid-Atlantic, she is responsible for project operations, sales and business development, financial performance, and personnel management for all projects in the Baltimore, D.C., and Ohio/Western Pennsylvania markets.

Danielle joined NB+C in 2010 as an Assistant Program Manager and has held several positions in project operations and business development in the Site Development division. In 2015, she was promoted to Associate Director of Personnel Development, working with the Executive Team to expand formal employee development, corporate communications, brand marketing and employee appreciation programs at NB+C.

Casey Bohn – VP, South

Casey Bohn is based in Richmond, Virginia and previously served as Managing Director of Site Development for the South region. As VP, South, he is responsible for all daily operational and sales activities, including business development and oversight of client and vendor relationships for the entire Southeast region.

Casey began with NB+C in 2005 as a Construction Manager and has held many roles of increasing responsibility within the organization. He has been a member of the Executive Board since 2014 and is involved with company strategy at the highest level.

Krupakaran Kolandaivelu – Engineering Director

As NB+C’s Engineering Director, Krup oversees all engineering and design operations throughout NB+C’s operational markets. In this role, he is responsible for all of engineering and design’s project management, business development, financial profitability, and personnel training management.

Since joining NB+C in 2012 as a Program Manager, Krup has utilized over 17 years of progressive experience in all the phases of structural engineering design and construction to manage the growth and direction of the division within the organization. Under his leadership, the structural team at NB+C incorporates current structural design trends and practices in its engineering solutions.