NB+C is Delivering Fiber-To-The-Home Solutions

In a recent speech given at the highest levels of the United States government, internet connectivity was described as “just as important as electricity or water” to US citizens. Moreover, an ambitious goal was stated for all Americans to have “access to the internet by 2030.”

NB+C has proactively partnered with several of our key fiber clients to aggressively develop fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks in rural portions of New York, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana and Arizona.

With funding driven by State, Federal and private investment, many of these projects are new stand-alone network designs for NB+C that need to be completed on tight schedules.  Moreover, the engineering work needed to complete these networks is often complicated by the fact that the projects  are often in rural communities with limited land records composed of aerial utility infrastructure needing new fiber attachments.

NB+C welcomes these project challenges as well as the opportunity to demonstrate the specialized skills associated with fiber cabinet-to-splitter designs complete with complex splicing diagrams that are needed for these builds.  Delivering the civil engineering designs for the networks, coordinating the extensive pole make-ready requirements with the local utility companies and ultimately providing construction inspection (CI) oversight of the General Contractors (GCs) is what separates NB+C from our competition.

NB+C’s engineering and project management teams are poised to help our numerous fiber clients achieve their aggressive build schedules in the coming years.  We are thrilled to be a part of delivering on the promise of affordable connectivity to the underserved parts of this country.  Only with relentless effort will this national goal be achieved!