NB+C Professional Engaged in Updating Structural Standards

Baltimore, MD: NB+C’s Manager of Structural Engineering, Krupakaran Kolandaivelu, P.E. is a member of the Telecommunications Industry Association’s (TIA) Engineering Committee TR-14 tasked with updating the structural standards for telecommunications infrastructure. 

Kolandaivelu and his TIA committee colleagues will travel to Las Vegas, NV this week for a two-day meeting. As a member of Task Group 3 and Ad Hoc Group 3-14, Kolandaivelu will be involved in updating structural code TIA-222 from Revision G to Revision H as well as analyzing the standards for separate structural evaluations of antenna mounts. Major components of the code revision will include include updates to risk categories for structural loading caused by wind and seismic activity.  

 “These updated professional standards will have major implications in the field for our clients,” said NB+C’s Managing Director of Engineering Services, Greg Tully.  “Due to Krupakaran’s detailed knowledge of these evolving codes, we will be positioned to educate our clients and advise them on best practices to increase the integrity and safety of their deployments.”

NB+C continues to remain an industry leader in wireless site development by staying abreast of industry trends and professional standards.