Network Towers Provides Creative Siting Strategy in Washington, DC

As wireless service provider (WSP) macro antenna location counts continue to grow, and many sites within the WSP networks continue to age, there comes the reality that certain antenna locations will need to be decommissioned from the WSP network.  This can happen as a result of many external real estate/construction factors, but the end result is often the need for the WSP in question to find an alternate method of providing the lost wireless coverage and capacity very quickly.

Network Towers, NB+C’s asset development/ownership entity, is in the business of providing solutions to complex network challenges. 

In Q4 of 2022, three WSPs were notified of a pending tower decommission in Washington, DC.  The notice required that all three WSPs be relocated under a very tight timeline, and Network Towers, with important support from the regional NB+C Project Team, began working closely with the city, and developed a temporary telecommunications tower solution to ensure that all three WSPs would maintain their signal and coverage in the area.

This development solution, which involved complex leasing and zoning work along with creative engineering and construction management, required NB+C to coordinate with both the city and all three WSPs in a collaborative and timely manner.  With a very aggressive antenna decommissioning schedule underlying the entire process, Network Towers delivered the temporary tower, and are now in the process working on a permanent location for the long-term radio-frequency needs of the WSPs in the area.

While there were certainly many affected stakeholders in this complicated situation, Network Towers and NB+C stepped-up to tackle the challenge for all involved.  Our professionals were responsive, creative, and relentless in our development of solutions for this project.